Linkedin Business 1/2-Day Workshop Sales Automation

Linkedin Business 1/2-Day Workshop Sales Automation

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How to sell on Linkedin

Linkedin is one of the most effective social networks for sale. While all other social networks are warming up your customers, Linkedin is the only platform that leads directly to new customers.

Learn in our Linkedin Business Intense Workshop to build an effective Linkedin Sales Funnel and generate leads for lead acquisition, use the right address and create your meaningful profile.

Contents of the LinkedIn workshop:

We have the tools and templates for:

  1. Finding the right person and target group
  2. Build a lead funnel with call-to-action and news
  3. Enhanced experience with many use cases for "Do's and Dont's"
  4. Benchmarking blogs and content to learn more about the topic

Further workshop contents:

  • Why LinkedIn and what is Social Selling?
  • Market data and benchmarks on LinkedIn Basics of profile setup
  • Positioning: Definition of the target group for LinkedIn
  • Tracking and Best Practice
Preparation for the workshop:
  • Audience must be present on LinkedIn
  • Base profile with default setting must be created (profile picture, business field and CV)

This workshop is NOT suitable for:

  • Large companies with many data regulations
  • Managers who have never worked with LinkedIn or are unfamiliar with the basic Excel features


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